Notices of Motion - January 22, 2017

Three (3) Notices of Motion were presented at the January 22, 2017, General Membership Meeting.

Motion 1 seeks to change the language regarding the Plant Gate Election process, and change it to electronic balloting.

Motion 2 seeks to change the remuneration for retired members working on behalf of the Local, doing WCB and Arbitration advocacy.

Motion 3 seeks to remove the Householder Verification Committee from the Bylaws.

As these motions seek to amend the Local Bylaws, they are to be posted on the Union bulletin boards for members’ information, in accordance with section 10.01 G (1) of the Local Bylaws.

The motions will be debated and voted on at the next General Membership Meeting to be held on: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017.

The motions are on the back of this bulletin.

Motions to amend the Local Bylaws require approval by a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting at the meeting. Such motions must not conflict with the National Constitution of the Union.

In solidarity,

Heather Andrews


Motion 1

Notice of Motion: Election Process in the Plant & Conducting the Process is Expensive

Whereas the cost of the current annual Plant Gate election process in the Local is costly and those costs increase every year; and

Whereas the current way the Local conducts the balloting is not the most efficient; and

Whereas technology has advanced to be able to provide secure online and telephone options with regards to conducting elections; and

Whereas many Unions have switched to electronic/telephone voting; and

Whereas this would allow for increased participation at the convenience of the membership, 24 hours a day, during the voting period,

Therefore be it Resolved that the Vancouver Local switch from the current Plant Gate Election format to Electronic Balloting.

Be it further resolved that the Vancouver Local Executive determine which of the two (2) quotes they will move forward with by the end of the February Executive meeting. This will allow the Local to proceed immediately should the membership approve the above Motion at the February General Membership Meeting.

Be it further resolved that pending approval of the above Motion by membership the Vancouver Local By-Laws committee make the necessary changes to Article 9 of the By-Laws, specifically 9.0, 9.6(b), 9.6(c), 9.6(d), 9.6(e), 9.6(f), 9.6(g) and any other relevant article that refers to a Plant Gate or Annual Election.

Motion 2

Retired members working on behalf of the local as advocates

Whereas the Local should have access to a retired member’s experience and knowledge; and

Whereas retired members who are asked by the Local to do work on behalf of the Union, should be remunerate for work done; and

Whereas they cannot be booked off from work; and

Be it resolved that when a retired member working for the Local in the form of Advocate in either the Grievance Arbitration or WCB or in other areas with the approval of the Local Executive, that they will be paid the minimum rate of pay as temporary worker as set out in Appendix A of the Collective Agreement. No top up pay will be added to a retired member’s remuneration.

Motion 3

Notice of Motion: Householder Verification Committee

Whereas the “Householder Verification Committee” has not been operational for a number of years; and

Be it resolved that the “Householder Verification Committee” be deleted and removed from the Vancouver Local By-Laws.