Overtime Ban To Begin In Bristish Columbia And In The Yukon

The Regional Office has informed us that the overtime ban will start at midnight tonight with British Columbia and the Yukon.

This means that as of midnight tonight and for the next 24 hours, here in the Vancouver Local:

  • All Full-time employees will work only their regular hours - No overtime.

  • All Part-time and Temporary employees may extend up to 8 hours but no overtime.

It is possible that Canada Post management may tell you that you must work overtime hours. We are in a legal strike position and we are protected under the Canada Labour Code when we engage in legal strike actions. Please call our Local office immediately if Canada Post management threatens you with discipline for refusing to work any overtime hours. Please report any hostility, intimidation, discrimination or provocation that you witness or experience from Canada Post management to your local or regional office.

You can read the Media Release HERE (pdf)

Please check the National website for any late breaking changes