BY-ELECTION Chief Shop Steward-Group 2

Chief Shop Steward-Group 2

Following the resignation of Brother Felix McGowan, there is a vacancy in the Chief Shop Steward-Outside Function.

6.10 Chief Stewards:
6.10 A Shall be elected officers and voting members of the Executive Committee.
6.10 B Shall be members of the Grievance Committee.
6.10 C Shall report and consult with the Second Vice-President regarding Health and Safety matters for their shift or work area.
6.10 D Shall accompany the President or First Vice-President into management meetings, when requested by the President or First Vice-President.
6.10 E Shall work in conjunction with the Grievance Officer on the preparation and hearing of grievances at the first level and arbitration, when required.
6.10 F Shall attend appropriate monthly Shop Steward meetings, and shall make reports to the Shop Steward meetings and the Executive Committee.
6.10 G All Chief Stewards shall be given the opportunity to assist the Grievance Officer in the preparation and processing of grievances. The Chief Stewards shall be booked off on an equitable and rotating basis not to exceed a collective total of thirty (30) days per fiscal year.
9.3D Candidates must be a member in good standing and must have attended at least three General Membership Meetings in the twelve (12) months prior to and inclusive of the close of nominations. Subject to Article 9.10A.

Interim election procedures apply. Nominations in writing, with written acceptance, may be sent to the Union Hall prior to the September GMM. Nominations may also be made at the Sunday, September 25, 2016, General Membership Meeting, being held at the Maritime Labour Centre, 1880 Triumph St, Vancouver.
The election will take place as part of the normal order of business during the September Membership Meeting as per Article 9.7A of the Local Bylaws.
** Note: You must be a member in good standing to vote.

In Solidarity,
Heather Andrews