Fall Education Seminars – November 3 to 6, 2016 - Whistler, B.C.

The fall education seminars for the Pacific Region will be held at the Whistler Conference Centre, 4010 Whistler Way with accommodation at the Aava Whistler Hotel, 4005 Whistler Way, Whistler, B. C. The courses will run Thursday, November 3 (evening) to Sunday, November 6, 2016. The following courses are being offered:

Stewards are the backbone of the union. The aim of this course is to provide new stewards with knowledge and confidence. Topics covered include: the roles of the steward, tips for dealing with management and speaking with members, the steward as organizer/mobilizer, how to investigate and file a grievance, and key provisions of the urban operations, RSMC and private sector bargaining unit collective agreements. This course is for members wanting to become a shop steward, or to have a better understanding of the rights and duties of a shop steward. Participants will also learn how to represent members in disciplinary interviews, health and safety, the importance of meeting new members and our rights under federal legislation. This course will give participants the tools they need to better defend and inform the members, and build solidarity in the workplace.

This course raises the awareness of CUPW members about workplace harassment and violence. The different responsibilities for the employer, the Union, and individual members have in creating a harassment/violence-free environment are explained. Participants will explore avenues for redress that members have if they are being harassed and also to work on their assertiveness skills.

This challenging course looks at conflict in the Union and how to handle it. Participants are introduced to techniques such as active listening, non-violent communication, and conflict de-escalation skills. The emphasis is on developing communication skills that can be used in mediation and various alternative conflict resolution methods as well as preventing conflicts from developing in the first place. These tools invite members who are in conflict with one another to take into consideration the personal cost of that conflict, the cost to their co-workers and to the Union. It invites us to make a sincere effort of giving the benefit of the doubt to others, and to show the courage of acknowledging their own part in feeding a cycle of anger, aggression, and retaliation.
Please note: Priority will be given to Local Executive Committee members.

The “Welcome to CUPW” course is a new introductory course for our newest members with little or no Union experience. Participants will explore all aspects of the work that CUPW does, who we are, and what guides us. We will look at the various fields in which CUPW dedicates its resources and recognize the differences between the goals of the employer versus the values that guide CUPW. As part of an informal environment, we will be defying our comfort zone and using our creativity. Finally, participants will gain awareness of our strengths and challenges and create a sense of belonging.

The Union will supply bus transportation for participants from the Greater Vancouver Area and those arriving by air. Participants choosing to take their personal vehicles will not be compensated for mileage or parking unless prior approval has been granted by the Education & Organization Officer. The seminars start with an evening session on November 3, 2016 and all selected participants are expected to arrive by 5:00 p.m.

The deadline for applications is September 21, 2016, at 5 p.m. and must be received at the Vancouver Local’s office. Please note the registration form has been updated and has to be completed entirely. All applications must be approved by your Local Executive and the registration form must be signed by the Local President or designate. The application form can be downloaded HERE.