(PT #14) OPEN ASSIGNMENT BID STarting October 16th

The open bid for assignments at the new plant (PPC) will begin on October 16th for both full-time and part-time PO4s who belong to the VMPPS Post Office (VPDC and VMPP). Please note: this bid is not applicable to PO4s working in other Post Offices in the Local such as Metro-Vancouver Retail and Vancouver Delivery.

This bid has been delayed due to ongoing National discussions regarding the final make up of the schedules. One of the sticking points in the negotiations with the employer was their original proposal for dealing with the thirty-one (31) PO5s who are being effectively surplused by virtue of the consolidation of two (2) plants into one (1), along with the greater degree of automation being introduced at the PPC. Canada Post initially wanted to create a single shift comprised entirely of these PO5s who would work on the new Packet Sorter between 18h00 - 02h00. This would have completely eliminated any opportunity for full-time PO4s to work on the #3 shift in this area and not allowed those PO5s any choice in terms of a #1 or #2 shift. A resolution has now been reached so that in this bid there will be assignments available for full-time PO4s to bid on in Packets #3 shift and “surplus” PO5s will not be limited to the #3 shift.

A good deal of discussion and debate has also taken place at the National level regarding what is PO4 work and what is PO5 work. National CUPW has taken the position that in addition to MMHE duties; work such as, but not necessarily limited to, loose-load and air cans is PO5 work. These duties will be reflected in the PO5 rosters at the PPC.

All schedules are to reflect rotations of duties that are equitable for all of our members, regardless of classification. Rotations are supposed to be designed to protect our health & safety by ensuring that there is a mixture of different body mechanics being utilized, different weight loads and intensities, and so on. The Local will be continuing to consult on an ongoing basis with Canada Post in order to hold them to their obligation to provide a fair and equitable rotation of duties.

National CUPW and Canada Post are continuing to work on a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will address how the “surplus” PO5s will be returned to their proper RT&D roster as attrition (retirements, transfers out, etc. ) occurs over the coming months and years. As of this writing, the MOA has not been signed and as such the PO5 bid will not be starting yet.

On the bid sheet you will be able to rank the order of your choices. We recommend that you bid the maximum number of choices. That is, rank your preferred section/duty roster/shift by #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and so on until you exhaust all of the possible choices.

The bidding for full-time PO4s will be done by seniority in three (3) waves according to the following schedule:

WaveSeniorityBid StartBid Close
Wave 11969 to 1994October 16October 23
Wave 21995 to 2004October 30November 6
Wave 32005 to presentNovember 13November 20

The part-time PO4s will bid in one (1) wave starting on October 16th and closing on October 30th.

The PO5s will bid in one wave. Dates to be announced.

Management has agreed to make CUPW representatives available from the work-floor to assist anyone who needs help. Please see the list below for the names of the individuals who will be assisting us with this bid:

  1. Edem Etuk, Perry Kumar, Cristina MacLennan
  2. Ken Doyle, Jeannette McConnell, Gina Tessaro
  3. Young Hsi, Mick Kosevic, Kathy Roczkowsky
  1. Rajbeer Sangha, Ravi Toor, Nicki Kalsi
  2. Neerja Bhatara, Tony Phunal, Carolyn Quirt
  3. Karamjit Heer

As we have stated in prior bulletins, Canada Post management has shared its intention with the Union to further reduce full-time positions and increase part-time ones. It is important to emphasize that they have told us that the numbers they hope to achieve will be reached over a period of time that could be years into the future. They have stated that they intend to reduce full-time jobs through attrition as people voluntarily retire, demote, or transfer out of the Post Office.

It is a sad state of affairs that billions of dollars are being invested in machinery, at the expense of our decent paying jobs and benefits, that may or may not prove capable of doing the work we have always done efficiently and profitably for our real bosses - the Canadian people.

It is imperative that we stand together united through these difficult changes and find new ways to challenge the government and corporate agendas that are being imposed upon us.

If you have concerns that you would like to bring to the attention of the Modern Post Committee, please direct them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Telephone messages may also be left with our staff at the Union Hall.

In Solidarity,

Kim Evans