Open Bid call for New Pacific Processing Centre (PPC)

Last week the Local Executive met to review the question of what type of bid we were going to ask for when we move to the Pacific Processing Centre in Richmond.

As was stated in previous bulletins, the two options the Executive were looking at were:

  1. Open bid for all assignments
  2. Section bid for those with no change

We received many different communications on the issue from the members. Some were in the form of emails and petitions. We also received personal visits to the Hall to talk about the issues and of course anytime we were at either plant, members came and talked to us about their concerns and what they thought was the best way to proceed with the bid.

On Tuesday, the Executive put aside 3 hours to debate this issue and come to a decision on what we felt was the best method of bidding.

The Executive is calling for an open bid for all assignment in the new PPC.

The Executive did not take this position lightly and felt that one of the major benefits postal workers have is their seniority and the right to use their seniority to select assignments.

With the changes to the work schedules and the changes of fewer dayshift positions, we felt the only fair way was to have members use their seniority to select the best possible shift and assignment.

The position of the Local has been transmitted to the National Director and he will be presenting this position to the National Executive Board.

Once the National Executive Board has approved the Local’s position, we will inform the employer. Once we have informed the employer, we will begin the consultation process as to how this bid will be carried out.

Starting in early or mid September (the date at this time has not been determined) there will be a Trade show or Job Fair. This will be set up in both plants and will explain the equipment and work process for each assignment or job. We believe that this should help the members to make an informed decision on the type of assignment they would like to do in the new PPC.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please email them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

In Solidarity,

Pat Bertrand
1st Vice-President