Postal Transformation and Job Security

One of the concerns that members are talking about is whether they will have a job after we move to the new processing plant in Richmond.

Members should not worry about job security. Every regular member currently employed by Canada Post will have a job when we move.

Our contract protects all regular employees both full time and part time against lay-offs.

The Article that governs this is Article 53:

There shall be no lay-off of any regular employee who was employed in the bargaining unit as of (date of signing) provided the employee agrees to be displaced to another position in accordance with the procedure set forth hereinafter. The same shall apply to any other employee who becomes a regular employee after (date of signing), and who has five (5) years or more of continuous employment.

What this means is, that at the signing of the Collective Agreement (October 5, 2012), if you were a regular part time or full time employee, you cannot be laid off for the life of this Collective Agreement.

What it also means is, if you have worked for Canada Post for five years and are a regular employee but you became a regular part time or full time after October 5, 2012, you still cannot be laid off.

If you are a full time employee, you are guaranteed forty (40) hours a week, and if you are part time, you are guaranteed twenty (20) hours a week.

Members should not be listening to any rumours in regards to lay-offs of regular employees. This protection does not apply to temporary employees.

We will have more news in the future in regards to what sections and assignments will be available to bid on before the move.

In Solidarity,
Pat Bertrand
1st Vice President